• 11 Best HRIS Systems Of 2024 In-Depth Comparisons

    In some cases, an HRIS consists of multiple subsystems that work together to create a holistic view of an organization’s workforce. In other cases, an HRIS is a specialized, standalone tool that drills into one or two subsystems. Limited-function HRIS systems are generally better suited for smaller companies as they are often inexpensive, easy to […]

  • What Is the Accounting Equation? Examples & Balance Sheet

    Therefore, the basic accounting equation helps businesses around the world create financial statements. Let’s learn more about what the basic accounting equation is, why it exists, and how to use it in the expanded accounting equation. For all recorded transactions, if the total debits and credits for a transaction are equal, then the result is […]

  • Best Practices for Nonprofit Bylaws

    Check that the wording used is in accordance with legal norms and criteria. Consider hiring a professional attorney to analyze your bylaws and advise you on any potential legal difficulties. To provide clarity and avoid confusion, bylaws should define terms precisely and address potential areas of ambiguity. To ensure that your bylaws are effective, it […]

  • Cost of Property, Plant and Equipment IAS 16

    (E) Accounting and data services operations, including, for example, cost accounting, accounts payable, disbursements, and payroll functions (but excluding accounts receivable and customer billing functions). Unsuccessful bidding costs are bidding expenses incurred in the solicitation of contracts not awarded to the taxpayer. Tools and equipment include the costs of tools and equipment which are not […]

  • Period vs Product Cost Definition, Calculation & Examples Video & Lesson Transcript

    Therefore, your rent expense should be $3,900 for the quarterly statement. That seems pretty easy, and for some expenses, it is just that easy. These costs may include the cost of raw materials used in production, wages of workers who operate in producing goods, or the cost of utilities consumed by manufacturing facilities. Cost […]

  • What Is a Good Debt-to-Equity Ratio and Why It Matters

    It is important to note that the D/E ratio is one of the ratios that should not be looked at in isolation but with other ratios and performance indicators to give a holistic view of the company. If the D/E ratio gets too high, managers may issue more equity or buy back some of the […]

  • Three Golden Rules of Accounting Examples PDF Quiz More .

    Examples of nominal accounts include expense, gain, loss, and revenue accounts. As per the rule, when the business incurs a loss or has an expense then you need to debit the account. If the business has a gain or earns an income then the account should have a credit. With the above understanding, let us […]